No Design Skills Needed

Choose from one of the many different layouts for your slides. You'll be sure to find a layout suitable for the feature or functionality you're looking to promote!

Tailor To Your Brand

Add you logo and colour scheme to quickly and easily tie the presentation to the brand you're promoting. Choose from a large range of fonts available on iOS.

Font Awesome Icons

Exhibitor includes the amazing Font Awesome icons. Choose from hundreds of different icons. You're sure to find one that fits your topic!

Exhibitor Screenshot

Create in minutes!

We've made it really simple to create your presentation in just a few steps

  • A picture paints a thousand words
  • Choose your perfect font from a long list
  • Select your precise background/font colour
  • Import content from Dropbox

Interruptible. Elegantly!

Rather than just looping through slides, Exhibitor incorporates an animated Topics screen to break up the presentation and capture the attention of passers-by. A topic is automatically selected and the slides are shown.

Need to return to a particular slide? No problem... Just a single swipe will close end the current set of slides being presented and elegantly return to the main topics screen, ready for you to select the topic you want to see. All without exiting the presentation. Neat eh!

The App

If design software usually sends you into a panic - with it's hundreds of complicated options, then fear not! Exhibitor has a really simple interface. Take a look...



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Exhibitor is a Trask Tech product in partnership with Nyx Digital.